25 Beautiful Rustic Wedding Cakes That Everyone Will Love

Rustic wedding cakes offer a more earthy aesthetic, dripping with forest details, natural accents such as creeping vines, twigs and threads, beautiful greenery, faux bois and frosting designs.

They prefer the iconic white three-tier cake to retain its traditional meaning. To give the cake a luxurious touch, rustic flowers are combined with their beautiful metallic gold leaf.

In fact, couples can upgrade their semi-nude wedding cake with a chic gold topper to create a design that combines the best of both styles.

There is a twig of fruit or blossom on every single slice, and they all look so sweet. Rustic wedding cake drips in forest details and natural accents, from creeping vines and twigs to thread and gorgeous greenery and faux bois frosting and designs.

We have lots of cake ideas that suit the venue and the season whether your rustic wedding takes place in a barn, on a farm or in your own garden.

Country wedding cakes or “rustic wedding cakes” can range from simple buttercream and berry designs to artful creations inspired by faux bois.

Whether you opt for elaborate, nature-inspired details or keep it simple and old-fashioned with a traditional nude Victoria sponge, there’s something great here if you want to make your own.

Let’s get inspired!

Simple Rustic Wedding Cakes

20 Trending Simple And Rustic Wedding Cakes
Source: emmalovesweddings.com

For a simple rustic wedding cake choose minimal decorations and let the uneven levels create a dramatic look.

You can implement one or more of our favorite wedding ideas in the fall by choosing a bouquet of foliage (or any number of other wedding bouquets in the fall) or choosing a rustic barn, farm or vineyard as the venue. Succulents are especially popular when it comes to rustic wedding cake decor to create an earthy outdoor look.

Modern Rustic Wedding Cake For An Outdoor Wedding

Modern Rustic Wedding Cake For An Outdoor Wedding 4 Offset
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If your wedding cake maker uses special moulding tools to recreate nature-inspired patterns on your cake, then you can add a cute carved heart with your initials.

The vintage decor around the cake ties in with the overall theme of the wedding. The contrast of the cake combined with the rainbow and rustic decorations makes a wonderful statement.

Stunning Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

6 Stunning Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas Wedding Cakes
Source: stunningweddingcakes.blogspot.ca

Tip: Adjust your cake with seasonal flowers and complementary (or contrasting) color schemes if you’re looking for a more vibrant experience.

Simple Rustic Wedding Cakes with Leaf Decoration

20 Trending Simple And Rustic Wedding Cakes
Source: emmalovesweddings.com

For a more authentic experience, choose a three-tiered cake decorated with real flowers.

Finish a semi-nude cake with white flowers and greenery for a simple rustic chic design.

Rustic Naked Wedding Cake

49 Naked Wedding Cake Ideas For Rustic Wedding Deer
Source: www.deerpearlflowers.com

To decorate a cake that stands out from the rustic elements, add a small sign at the top of each cake or add an autumn leaf design to the frosting.

Oak Logs Rustic Wedding Cake

Rustic Wedding Cake In The Style Of Oak Logs Wedding
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Rustic Tree Stumps Wedding Cakes

Rustic Tree Stumps Wedding Cakes For Your Country Wedding
Source: www.weddinginclude.com

Rustic Wedding Cake with Succulent Decoration

Rustic Wedding Cake with Succulent Topping
Source: bakerzdad.blogspot.com

Rustic Wedding Rustic with Flower and Pine Cone Topping

Rustic Wedding Cake with Flower, leaf, and pine cones topping
Source: weddbook.com

Rustic Winter Wedding Cake

Rustic Winter Wedding Cake Elizabeth Anne Designs The
Source: www.elizabethannedesigns.com

This stunning rustic wedding cake features a simple frosting technique. It is decorated with raffia and neutral flowers and the flowers are perfect for brides who want a subtle charm.

Hint: One of the simplest and best executed ideas is to create a white cake decorated with moss leaves.

Semi-Naked Rustic Wedding Cakes

Rustic Wedding Cakes Wedding Cakes Photos Endless
Source: www.weddingwire.com

This beautiful cake is decorated with white frosting with juicy ornaments and a topper. Hand-painted with flowers, this gorgeous, rustic white fondant wedding cake is spattered with sparkling sea blue and painted with coral on top and looks good enough to eat.

Chic Rustic Fall Wedding Cake With Wooden Stand

Chic Rustic Fall Wedding Cake With Wooden Stand
Source: emmalovesweddings.com

Rustic Burlap Wedding Cake

Rustic Burlap Wedding Cake
Source: cakecentral.com

Easy Country Style Wedding Cake

Easy Country Western Wedding Theme Ideas
Source: memorablewedding.blogspot.com

Sweet Pink Rustic Wedding Cakes

Pink Rustic Wedding Cakes Trends
Source: www.kingdomofcakes.in

Accentuate your rustic wedding cake with fresh flowers, greenery or fruit for added splashes of colour or place it on a cake rack so it can be enjoyed from all sides.

Chic Flower Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas

Chic Rustic Wedding Cake Ideas
Source: emmalovesweddings.com

The rustic cake can be decorated with red or ivory roses to suit an autumn wedding, or you can place a few mini pumpkins or pumpkins.

Tip: Add real flowers, berries or gilded features to steer it towards your wedding theme of choice.

Logs Rustic Wedding Cake with Fruit Decoration

Rustic Wedding Style with Fruit Topping
Source: weddbook.com

It can be topped with fresh fruits, fruit, flowers, greenery, pine cones, wooden discs or just about any other stuff depending on the wedding season and what you are experiencing.

A rustic wedding cake can be covered with fresh fruit, burdock, petals or any other wood-inspired element that takes center stage.

Lovely Word Sign Rustic Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake Decorating Ideas Perfect For Rustic
Source: idealme.com

Like any other detail in your wedding decoration, the cake should reflect the theme you have chosen for your memorable soiree.

In spring or summer, in a barn in autumn or in winter in the mountains, add a rustic touch to your celebration atmosphere by adding a rustic touch to your wedding cake.

Rustic Country Wedding Cake with Logs Style

Rustic Wedding Cake with Logs and Country Style
Source: www.cakecentral.com

If you are holding your wedding indoors in the barn or in a field of flowers, you can incorporate an outdoor cake with fresh flowers.

3 Colors Rustic Wedding Cake

Cake Happens Rustic Wedding Cake Trio
Source: apothecakery.blogspot.com

Stick to 3 colors or less to make sure the flowers don’t overwhelm the cake. Ask your florist or cake designer to incorporate a mixture of autumn flowers, twigs, and forest green into the ring layer.

When planning a big ceremony, a layered cake that can feed several people will look beautiful.

Country Rustic Wedding Cake Decorated With Flowers

Country Rustic Wedding Cake Decorated With Flowers
Source: emmalovesweddings.com

Rustic Barrel Wedding Cakes

Rustic Style Wedding Cakes with Barrel Decoration
Source: www.weddinghousehold.com

Decorate your dining area with it and decorate the cake with a matching, elegant finish. This is one of the easiest additions to give your cake a rustic look in a few minutes.

Simple strands of dark green leaves clash with the white layer, making it a good choice for couples who want a simple, rustic wedding cake served.

Rustic 4 Tier Wedding Cake in Autumn Style

Rustic 4 Tier Wedding Cake And John Deere Grooms Cake
Source: www.cakecentral.com

Now that we’ve talked about our favorite rustic wedding crowns, it’s time to dive into a slice of cake.

Don’t get us wrong, we admire the elaborate sugar flowers and the size of a traditional wedding cake, but we can’t help but be impressed by the charming design of a large rustic cake. So let’s use a fork to look for the most beautiful cakes for autumn weddings.

Close Up Succulent Rustic Wedding Cake

Bakerz Dad Rustic Wedding Cake
Source: bakerzdad.blogspot.com

Why not plan your dessert table around a wedding cake that you must see when you marry in a barn, on a farm, or in another rustic place?

A semi-naked wedding cake with frosting is one of the best options for those who are looking for a simple rustic wedding cake design.

Rustic Wedding Cake Decorating in Green and White

White Rustic Wedding Cake with Flower Decoration
Source: idealme.com

Rustic and rural wedding cake ideas must find a special place for traditional symbolism and natural individuality.

When creating a wedding cake for your big day, work with your baker or florist to determine the seasons and blossoms that add a cottagecore feel to your clothing.

If your wedding colors contain deep, moody hues, add them to your cake.

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